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A better way for document identification.

Rubber Stamps Eliminated by Document Management Add-in for Microsoft® Word

Los Angeles, CA, October 15, 2009 — Enhancement Software (ESC) announces the release of StampIt® for Word, an add-in for Microsoft® Office Word 2007 and 2003. StampIt® sets the new standard for document marking, identification and control and replaces the obsolete and ineffective rubber stamp. By providing a convenient, easy-to-use and inexpensive resource for paper and electronic document management, StampIt automates the entire process and reduces the risk of unintended use.

StampIt automatically scales, sizes and positions ANY stamp in outline, shaded (watermark) and solid formats. It does graphic signatures, images and multi-line Bates numbering of Word, PDF/XPS or existing paper documents as well. Word users can create any stamp — in seconds — without having any graphics or technical skill. Graphic signatures can be linked to specific stamps and there is multi-level password support.

StampIt can print multiple copies of the same document — with different stamps on each copy — all in one print session. With the click of a mouse, StampIt can “stamp-only,” “print and stamp,” combine stamps and create stamped PDF/XPS files. Users can stamp the first, all or selected pages of each copy of the document. Color and envelopes are supported as well.

“Instead of printing a document, walking to a copy machine, making copies, manually marking them — inadequately — and returning, StampIt can do it all at the user’s printer. And each page of each copy of the document is properly marked when it’s printed using Microsoft® Word. Eliminating just one trip per day to the copy machine, saves the average company over $750/yr., per user — all for less than the cost of rubber stamp,” said Michael Ross, founder of ESC.

Ross further notes: “Best practices require documents to be properly identified at the time of printing (or PDFing) — a rubber stamp in the margin or footer-text just can’t provide the document security and compliance required in today’s business environment. Unlabeled documents in a printer tray are an unnecessary risk .”

Overall, StampIt is intuitive, efficient and fully user-customizable. It pays for itself almost instantly and provides document identification and security for paper and PDF-based workflows when it’s needed — at the time of creation.

A fully functional free trial for Word versions 2003-07 (as well as legacy versions) is available at

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