Paper document management for Word
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10 Reasons to Use StampIt for
Efficient Document Identification
& Forget Rubber Stamps

  • Prints entire documents (PDF included) while only stamping selected pages, e.g. stamp pages 2, 7 and 14 "confidential" when printing all pages of a document.

  • Provides a compliant, proactive approach towards document protection. Eliminates confusion about the intent of your document.

  • Saves user-defined groups of stamps, e.g. 1 clean copy, 2 "file copies" and 1 "client copy" all to the user's own description to ensure a consistent marking policy.

  • Graphically "sign" your documents (usually the copies, etc) with a graphic or custom text associated with a particular stamp.

  • StampIt standardizes document marking the way YOU want it. It installs with 58 common words and phrases and allows instant custom stamps ― in any hollow, watermark or solid format as well as graphic images and Bates.