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Must-Have Printer Accessories and a Software Add-in for Word

Choosing only three accessories to go with your printer proves to be much more difficult now more than ever. With several printer accessories available in the market today, Your budget limitations will govern so narrow the list own to a few very important items. Here are three must-have hardware printer accessories that you should consider along with one software add-in:

Paper Tray. A high-capacity paper tray is important when printing in bulk. This way, the printer can keep up with the heavy printing traffic without having to feed the paper every now and then. Paper trays that can handle up to 500 extra sheets will be very useful. You can simply load the tray with paper, start the printing job and leave it to complete. You can use the time to do other important things without having to worry about being out of paper. (And StampIt will protect every piece of paper at the time it is printed — see below.)

Duplexer. This saves paper which translates to savings in money. With an automatic two-sided printing accessory, there is no need to manually feed the paper to print on both sides. Aside from saving you time and money, printing on both sides of the paper is also good for the environment.

Wireless Printing Tools. These days, mobility is the name of the game. If you can’t work on the run, you can be left out. So, make sure that wherever you go, you can access important files and actually print them even while on the road. You can upgrade your current printer using wireless printing kits and printer cards or you can buy the new compact mobile printers.

Automated Document Marking and Printing add-in: And added to this is an automated document printing and marking add-in for Word called StampIt. This Word add-in alone can save you more than the cost of most printers in one year. And, you’ll never need a rubber stamp for a Word document.

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