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Paperless Office (reblog from HP Communities)

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Last week a colleague of mine, Ron Coughlin, Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing for the HP Imaging and Printing Group, posted a powerful ‘guest blog’ entry at CNBC in support of the idea that the newspaper industry is far from kaput.  Instead, Ron makes a case for the remarkable new digital printing technologies that stand to become a life line to the printed page.

I couldn’t agree more.  Do you remember all the buzz around the “paperless office”? The prediction of the paperless office came about with the introduction of the PC, and the premise that documents would be electronically processed. Paper in the office, the pundits said, would disappear.

Has the paperless office come to be? Nope. We are all rightfully more aware of the way we use paper, but consumption is relatively stable. Yes, we improve our business processes by digitizing documents, but we continue to use paper for collaboration, research and reading. Paper still has it’s rightful place in the enterprise, and digitization is only enhancing its use.

America’s daily newspapers certainly do stand a fighting chance with new digital technology.  Check out what Ron had to say

Mike Feldman 
Vice President and General Manager
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