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Online Licensing for StampIt®

One of the following conditions exist:

If a trial version of StampIt for Word
is installed on your computer(s)
AND you know the StampIt serial number(s)

Click Here


If StampIt IS NOT installed yet or if the
StampIt serial number is unknown,

Follow instructions on the right:


Before a Registration Key can be obtained for StampIt,
StampIt must be installed as trial version on your computer. 
If it is not, please click the following link and
download a trial version and install it.
(there's a link in StampIt to take you right back here)
for your registration key(s).

Determining your StampIt serial number
  • While in Word, click on the StampIt menu icon.  
  • When in StampIt, click About > Info.
  • Make note of or "block and copy" your StampIt serial number as you will need it shortly to obtain your Registration Key code(s).
Tip: If Edit >Copy and Edit >Paste don't work for you, try Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.